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#16253 - ” “Jay,” he shot back quickly, “I’m a senior at Central High, I’ll be graduating in another month!!!” “Well,” she said while pouring their drinks, “here’s to the future graduate!!!” “Thanks,” Jay replied as he took a long drink of the ice cold liquid, “mmmmm, this sure tastes good!!!” They drank for a minute or so in silence when all at once Jay began to feel a little light headed, he steadied himself on the counter, and after staring at his drink, he slowly slipped to the floor and passed out cold!!! The next thing he remembered was waking up with a spitting headache and the sensation of having his arms and legs being stretched hard in spread eagle fashion!!! He shook his head from side to side trying to shake the cob webs from his brain, and when he finally was able to focus he was stunned to find that he was in a dark basement and locked in a device that kept him immobile and completely vulnerable!!! “What the hell’s going on here,” he thought to himself while trying to see if

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