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#341190 - I got off her and was about to remove a camera from my bag when she said “I’m going to fucking tell mum and dad you stupid pervert!” I laughed and stood up and placed both hands on both tits, she flinched away form me but I held her tits firm and began to massage them I could see tears through her blindfold and savoured ever minute of her degrading, I then viciously twisted them and pulled them towards me, she thrashed around a lot so I laughed and put my teeth against her nipple and bite it until there were teeth marks and a little blood. I slowly moved it aside and began admiring her beautiful body, her best were massive, I quickly began to stroke them plotting evil things to do to her body as soon as she was ready for me break, I am definitely piercing her nipples. Yes, my older sister, she’s seventeen with brown hair and hazel eyes, small waist big bust at lease a 34D and nice long legs to match.

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