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#91393 - Jada could feel juices dripping down her thighs and soaking her g-string, she had never been so wet, it was probably the super sized reefer Shana had persuaded her to hit before they left Shana’s place, she had never considered her friend a sexual partner but so far she was aroused and on her way to a job offer plus she needed a good fuck. “I want you to kiss each other. Ghost had funded her education and had provided her with a steady income through her cash strapped college days, they had met after Jada had stumbled into a strip club with a friend Shana looking for employment, they were desperate and had met ghost the managing pimp of the illegal enterprise, Ghost was renowned in the underground world as a leading supplier of flesh he had told them there were no vacancies and had proceeded to excuse himself, Shana had dropped down her knees and begged ghost tugging at his leather pants while Jada watched despairingly, Shana had always been more outgoing than Jada and had clutched

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