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#36436 - I'm Sue biguys wife, this is some of the fun I get up to while he's out being fucked by guys and woman, we both love swinging, or meeting people together or on our own, its all good fun It was wednesday evening, I was ready to head out, when John sent the room number for the Motel we meet at, with a ps, wear some thing really sexy tonight, so I grabbed my grey pleated mini, and a see tho silk top, and heels, that should turn him on I thought seeing myself in the mirror, As I drove in the motel carpark, I couldn't find a parking spot, it was unusally busy, there were guys standing around and the nearest spot was at the other end of the carpark, some 60 mts away from the room, there was nothing else in the car for me to put on, I slipped my heels on, and walked nervously across the carpark, it didn't take long for wistles and remarks to start flying around, with no where to hide I stood tall and walked proud past them all, headlights flashed and guys were makin


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