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#129605 - She came in and found him playing with here stereo. Jennie could not believe the rush that was going through her body! Her pussy was defenseless against the massive attack Andy had unleashed on it! It was a total invasion, but in this case a welcome one! Both of them were now beyond the point of no return, and through gritted teeth she begged for him to fuck her faster!!! Upon hearing that, he slammed her pussy even harder, and within seconds the big dick again was spurting it’s cum into the fat girl as Andy let out a loud groan as his cum filled her wet pussy while Jennie's cunt gripped the big pecker as she erupted in another shattering climax! Andy stammered, “You’re the best fuck I have ever had, and I’m not kidding!!!” “You too,” Jennie countered, as she stroked his head, holding it to her breasts! As they lay quietly together, savoring the moment, Jennie thought that now she had something to tell her mom, well not EVERTHING!!!.

Read Bigass Shounen Teikoku - Boys' Empire Soushuuhen 2 Hardcore Sex Shounen Teikoku - Boys' Empire Soushuuhen 2

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