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#103697 - He’d brought her a cup of coffee and a donut and placed it next to the envelope with her allowance. After she recover from her hard climax…She whispered in his ear, “I am here for your pleasure” a signal they had worked out to let him know to take charge and that she will do whatever he asks… He laid down on the bed and motioned for her to mount him. She didn’t like any of the commercial lubes and she hated it if he spit on her for lubrication…which she claimed was all unnecessary if he just did things right …for her…her body would supply any lubrication needed…He on the other hand liked it all a bit messy and loved it when she spit on his cock.

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Hajime ichinose
She is very lucky
Misaki suzuhara
Painted nails and glasses my two biggest fetish you make me hard again