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#346289 - O how much did I want to forcefully take her right then and there but I had better more humiliating way I wanted to take her for her first time so I instructed her to stand and I attached a collar to her when she was standing black leather with slivers square smooth studs and a tag which I showed her in bronze that said cum sucker and told her that her knew name was that. Finally after the weeks were up it was time. It took a few days to acquire who was going to babysit my sister over my parents cruise but after finding the location I took a few pictures of the babysitter and her car and started planning out what I was going to do.

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Sasuke uchiha
Sapphire is always a pleasure to see
Nazuna nito
U girls are awesome lmao its exactly how my friends and i are when we have fun btw u r all georgeous xo