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#81104 - The girl immediately began moaning into Rowan’s mouth as the continued making out, before pulling out and whispering into Rowan’s ear, “Oh God he’s fucking me so hard… our Master’s big cock is splitting me open, hitting so deep in me… OH SHIT it feels so good, he’s going to hard, and so deep!” She raised her voice, obviously directing her next words at me, “Go harder! Deeper! Faster! Oh God Master, please, fuck my tight cunt even harder!” I began spanking her, alternating between thrusts as she cried out – it my fucking had pushed her up, and Rowan has found her boobs – and her nipples! The double assault was too much, especially as one of my hands reached around and tightened around her through even as the other began strumming her engorged clit. Of course. I made up my mind and pulled out and gave my cock a few quick jerks as my third load of the night flew from my engorged cock head, splattering all over Maddie’s chest, neck and face.

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