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#72945 - Her father, now in a fit of rage, dragged her across the room and threw her at William and screamed, Get her out of here, she is no longer a daughter of mine, she has brought great shame to this house, and will not be forgiven!!! William and his men then led the crying girl out of the house and put her in the carriage for the trip back to town. He led her to the very front of Church, right up to the altar, where he spun around and in a voice that sounded like a lion's roar accused her of sinning in the eyes of the Lord!!! Rachel again began to sob, aware that Deacon Hancock had the power to literally have her put to death! Confess to me child, he exploded, confess your sins to me in front of almighty God! In a small voice Rachel replied, I have sinned in the eyes of the Lord, and am sorry. Deacon Hancock then thundered, You must describe your sins in detail in order to gain absolution, tell me of your transgressions, girl!!! A totally mortified Rachel then recounted he

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