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#124386 - But I was too naive to realise it. I remember the stray pubic hair tickling my cock, before she moved her right hand down in-between our bodies and opened up her lips before slowly impaling herself on my cock, she let out a low gasp as it entered her, I still remember the wonderful feeling of warmth and wetness as it entered her , she started to move up and down on it, dictating the rhythm, as said before I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing so just followed her lead and let instincts take over , her right hand came up and cupped the back of my neck pulling my head towards hers and slowly our lips locked and started mashing together with teeth clashing a couple of times before settling on an angle that suited each other and started trading tongues, her left hand went over my right shoulder on to the top of the sofa to steady herself. this only increased my arousement and very soon I felt the inside of her pussy having a ripple effect on my cock and for the second time that morning I

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