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#193632 - She starts crying as I still cum and hold it in there waiting for a good time to pull out so go on cook me some breakfast or I'll pound into you again She went and started to cook as she whimpered like a dog I sat down in the living room and put in a porn tape and smiled and watched getting nice and hard again turning it off and heading out to cheek on her and to go for a second round I see she is crying more and shake my head turning off the burner and graving her hips I told you no more crying I say as I go and spread her legs once more bad mother I thought you would be better at being a slut knowing the way dad treated you My dad was always the controlling type he always made sure mom was acting slutty and did what he wanted I remember when i was 12 walking in to his man cave and finding mom laying on a table all him and his friends fucking her like crazy animals. She stopped crying and kind of gave in good mother slut I say as I look at the stove and see that

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Damn that does look like her where is this hentai from
Fujino asagami
You are an hiroes my friend from italy