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#237219 - “ from that look you don’t seem too sorry, you could have taken out my eyes, I don’t think I've seen a guy cum that much in a while”, she playfully teased getting up of the toilet seat to check herself in the mirror, “ geez you really got me good”, she giggles “ well I can't lie, you certainly look good with some cum on your face”, Dean replies as he grins, watching Lea clean her face and glasses off in the sink. Dean was 42, still in decent shape for a man his age even if he was sporting a bit of dad bod without actually being a dad, he had slightly graying, short, dark hair and towered over most people with his 6’5 height and large frame. Deans cock instantly hardened to full length upon seeing the risky display, her tits were just as hot as he daydreamed they were, he guessed they were in the D range and looked perfectly round, her skin had a sexy light brown glow, obliviously she got quite a lot of time to tan in the LA sun.

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