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#266037 - As I pull the jeep out onto the road the gate closes behind me and I turn right and drive the two blocks to the house. I spread the legs wider and I put my dick to her entrance I tell her to look at me as I begin to push in and I come to her hymen and I pull back and push in hard and fast as she screams I stop and let her get use to me Mistress is sucking her breast so I begin rubbing her clit and I feel her getting wetter and I feel her relax as I begin to move I begin moving deeper until I feel that I against her cervix as I push into it as she screams again as I continue to rub her clit I feel her walls begin to squeeze me and as she convulses when I look up I see that Mistress is putting her pussy on her face as I take one of her breast in my mouth. I pull out of her and take my pants and shirt off I tell each of them to go into the bathroom and turn the water on as they leave I tell Liz that I will talk to her after I have a shower.

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