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#29169 - Would you like to watch while his lady was taking pics and encouraging us? Pamela asked me if I was going to fuck him. He smiled rather resignedly while he dried Pamela off and then me, a consolation prize she told him, and nice foreplay she added, though he took much longer to dry me off than he did Pamela. Very exciting moment for me, as I knew I was about to see a new and very thick cock in the flesh for the first time, and I would be telling you about it baby.

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Thank you shaiden
Oh my god soooo wet how i would love to be knelt behind you slowly pushing my throbbing cock inch by inch into your tight warm slit then pulling it all the way out admiring the wet sheen of your juice on my shaft then allllllll the way back in a nice slow deep firm rythm until we both explode
Akebi sasaki
Def would have made him nut in me with all that dick mmmm