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#179139 - Also, she was showing signs that she wanted to be in charge I punished her a few times for trying to tell me what to do also she just didn’t feel right also about a month after she was with us one of the other subs told us that she forced the other sub to say no to us she bullied her and I don’t like people who bully others so when Eric told me what she said and showed me the tape I told him to pretend like I don’t know and she continued to be disrespectful to the staff and to me and when she started trying to talk to guys online I had had enough of her so I played her the tape while she was strapped to across and played her the tape she begged and pleaded but she had to go. I run the company from home but sometimes I need to travel not a lot maybe once or twice a year and I love Mistress and she loves me but I want to have kids so any slave that we have will be having my babies and one for Mistress or carry hers for her. We pull up to the gate and as it opens her eyes go wide she te

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Takatoshi tsuda
Race traitor slut i hope she pays the highest of tolls very soon
Nice tits dear
Love you hentais