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#72241 - After a little small talk, I asked Brad if he thought Kari was hot, and when he said hell yea, I told him what she said about it not being easy to get into her bedroom! He laughed, and I told him if he wanted a shot at her I would help him set something in motion. She was really a one man woman, but even though she had been married before, had 3 kids, I knew she hadn’t had much of a lover until me, so I figured she must have some fantasies of her own, or at least some curiosity about what being with other men might be like or what may at least be different. Well, I decided that if it were going to happen that I was going to have to set this up, as certainly she wouldn’t do anything, nor would Brad as he probably had no clue.

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Omg you are so sweet and hot s2
Seri awashima
Bruh i see you with the same girl everytime im starting to think she ur actual step mom
That would be too disrespectful to the iphone lol
Kushina uzumaki
Who are they
Suzuka gozen
Omg how sexy is your new hairstyle and your smiles when you fuck are always the value added in your hentais