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#175442 - I said , Can't stop were late for the airport, and left, Pauline saying, how was she going to tell Jane about our fun with him, or why we were laughing so much, I said I always thought it was strange that Jerry knew what to do, when he fucked us so quick, maybe she takes his cock too, Pauline looked puzzled, then added, Possible, she always talks about sex, and kinky things', The drive to the airport was about an hour, we both had tears in our eyes, knowing the fun was coming to an end, I said I will pay for you to fly to Australia, and join us in a family group fuck when you get time off, a huge smile came back on her face, and a' yes please. I wanted more, so with Carol under Pauline, and Lee in Pauline's mouth, I set to with the toys, working each one in her pussy then her butt, I had my fist fully up her arse now, pushing the smaller vibe in her pussy, she was going wild, snifing down lots of poppers got her orgasm flowing, as my other fist starte

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