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#40372 - At frist it is Just reading of eroitica novels, but as she read as the herion in the novel is getting fuck she realise hw moist in between her thigh is, she takes her hand down to help the helpless dripping pussy, she starts playing with her clit, she is so lost into it she drop the phone, and concentrat on satisfy her lust frist. She heard him moan and murmur some gibberish She didn't understand, but right now She care less, what She care is working this dick to its full length and getting it to fuck her like she Have never been fuck before. She gradually lick her way up his cock leaving trace of siliva as she made her way up to is dick cap, slowly She lick to the pre cum off his cap of his cock, unlike the cocks she have come across there isn't a demacation between his dick and dick cap,she wrapp her hand around the shaft moving upward and downward the saliva she left lubricat her palm as she watch in amazement as his cock shape and it strike her,its is a conversation

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