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#107767 - I then turned to see Korra had frozen both the Fire bending thugs upper body and had incapacitated the water bending thug as she turned to look at me with a childish grin as said to her Good work Korra, though I doubt they were that hard for you to deal with? I said to her as I chuckled away to myself and whistled for our mounts to come over to us. Chung, please tell me you have my money, or Im afraid I won't be able to gurantee the safety of your, fine establishment the leading man said evily to the old man in the shop as I turned to Korra We should stop this, if he dosen't have their money, and im guesing he dosen't, they'll smash up his shop, come on I finished as we made our way over to the thugs. I retracted out leaving only my head in as I pushed back inside to sink four inches into her breaking her hymen in one thrust as well as burying more than hall of me inside her.

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