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#300535 - I wanted to be ready for the four poz cocks if they all showed up. What do you do? Jump off? I mean, his cum had to get inside a little, so what the fuck? Give up a huge cock and still get AIDS? Go for it! I plunge back on his cock harder than before as I feel his cock twitch and he moans, “Aah! Yeah, gonna cum! Gonna fill you up with AIDS faggot!” and I just slam back harder and harder onto his cock and when his toxic load of AIDS finally erupts deep inside me, I can feel it spray my insides, and it makes me quiver and I push back hard to take him all the way in as he empties his cum deep inside me. So why not enjoy it? Seek it out, steer towards it and see what happens? I have so many fantasies about how I get AIDS.

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Kinuho wannai
Like the way she moans