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#23860 - I could feel the pressure building inside of me and that's when i said OHHHH GOD UNCLE ! AH AH AH OHHHHHHHH Yeeeahhhhhhh, oh yeah ! i was screaming up above me, gritting me teeth and panting even faster. only if i get something in return I did a sexy smile and winked at him. i was completely limp from the recent fucking and i still tried to move my hips up in unison with his thrusts, then in a flash he had pulled out and his cum was shooting out like white lightning all over my naked body, OHHH YEAH CUNT, EAT THIS DELICIOUS CUM, MMMMMMMM AH yeah ohh yeah eat it,bitch I was moaning with him and picking it up with the palms of my hands, licking all of his protein in my mouth, and swallowing it all.

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