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#90710 - Blair was caught in a vortex of sexual excitement that was about to sweep her to a thunderous climax, but out of nowhere she heard Eric's soft but stern voice order Vera to cease her oral activity at once. Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair's pussy began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full throb! After a fast masturbation session, she dialed the number and made arrangements with a man named Eric to meet him the following afternoon at his home on the north side of town. Ever since she was a teenager and she sucked her first dick in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, Blair had the almost insatiable need to have erections in her mouth! At the present time she was between boyfriends, and after seeing Eric's ad in the paper, she was so driven by her need for oral sex, that she was willing to take the chance of meeting a total stranger! With the large head filling her mouth, she was ecstatic that her basic needs were now being fulfil

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