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#99596 - I started to speak, I was going to suggest we at least moved to the bed as the floor was hard on my back, but she didn’t give me the slightest chance, but instead yanked her top up over her head, screwed it into a ball and stuffed it roughly into my mouth! She then proceeded to raise and lower herself on top of me, just literally fucking herself on ME! It was THE most sexually-charged experience of my life! Being raped by this little ‘lolita’, watching her bounce up and down causing her tiny tits to jiggle, she had one hand jammed in the side of her shorts-leg frantically fingering her clit, whilst the other was busy twisting and pinching her gorgeous dark-brown nipples alternately. She was definitely becoming aware of her sexuality, because she always wore more delicate and taller shoes than her younger sibling, which further emphasised her slender figure and had the added advantage of making the muscles of her calves tense which further enhanced the gorgeous shape of her legs.

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