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#95419 - He got up, laid me on my back, spread my legs and lifted them up on his shoulders, bringing his cockhead to my pussy lips, rubbing slowly and softly, till I almost begged him to fuck me. I lowered my head towards his dick and licked its shiny head, passing the tip of my tongue over its head and its length, then I wrapped my lips around it softly, barely touching it, and started sliding the head inside my mouth, it was big, I had to stretch my lips to the fullest they could, to get it in my mouth, but I managed easily. At that moment, I did not think much of it; I have always treated him as my father, I just grabbed the first rope hanged in my closet and put it on, just to cover up my semi-nude body.

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Shiryuu chouun
Very nice
Nico robin
Bondage punishment humiliation degradation are some of the aspects of my regime love taking a woman and getting into her head and finding ways of controlling and manipulating her