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#280635 - The night went on for a few more hours, before Rob took his frame home, promising to come back again, even thought it turns out he is not bi, he loved seeing the guy on guy action, a few of us took turns eating Sue, some fucking us both, but only to relax their cocks before heading home, mine just didn’t want to go down at all tonight, as we both shared the last cum between us and said our good byes to the guys. She had arrived and was greeted at the door and blindfolded, then they stripped her, and led her to a frame, tied her hands spread her legs and tied them, and then John said “go for it boys”, as cock after cock pocked and prodded her body, filling her pussy and then her butt, she said it was weird, as they could move her on it too, fucking her in different ways, and she loved it soon orgasming as they continued to play. 30 Rob turned up, with his frame, and we set it up in our lounge room, making sure we had room to play, at 7 most of the other guys turned up, most we knew

Read Worship KabeCir no Gal VS Boku - Original Body KabeCir no Gal VS Boku

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