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#27014 -   Forgetting she was a living being I threw her into the back of the van on top of the mangled bike, slammed the doors shut and sped off.   As I rapidly closed her in my van I appreciated how well her tight fighting yellow and black polyester jersey displayed her trim waist and the shape of her fit upper body. I still cannot believe I didn't spot a huge bloody petrol tanker coming towards me on the other side of the narrow road until too late!  As I swerved left to avoid it I heard my wing mirror smash as it hit the lorries mudguards then a louder clattering along the nearside of my van as I struck the speeding cyclist forcing her front wheel into the stone and earth roadside hedge as her back wheel tangled with my rear nearside wheel.

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Tumblr lol foxy
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As gta would say thats a hot coffee mod
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Ebonysam biubwasaid i see you