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#324210 - ” I was thrusting up into Beth while she rolled her body against mine and in a short while the many years of abstinence boiled out of my testicles and into the sixteen year old girl as she arched her back and yelped “Oh yes daddy, fuck me! Cum in me! I want this so much!” The exquisite pain of five strong contractions racked my body as I pumped all my loneliness, all my hate for my wife into my willing young daughter's womb. Let's throw the bitch out, what do you say?” I was still holding her panties so Beth pulled them free from my hand, held them under my nose, “No cum, no sperm, no fucking sex. Once you are gone, so am I, but I love you for asking.

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Kohran li
Music was bangin that s the vibe right there
Le falto verga a este cabron para esas putas