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#383001 - jason you need to watch this training tape but ive already watched the tapei replied ive had enough of your backtalk, get the fuck out my sight i sat there lost for words i replied dumbly with but its still my break your break is up he turned around and started to walk back to the store i got up and walked up behind him and grabed his sholder, like a dad would do the first time he would catch you smoking his face was full of shock as i turned him around and i said now listen kid, ive had enough of this bullshit at this point i couldnt stand the job anymore and did not care what happned from now on i expect you to respect your elders and not to act like a total dueshbag with that he slowly backed away and headed into the store. Before i start my story i would like to introduce the main people because i feel that describing people during the story disrupts the flow me: jason b im 22 years old, 6 ft tall, muddy brown hair, average build not too skinny or f

Read Old Young 丘丘霜铠王X优菈 - Genshin impact Amatuer Sex 丘丘霜铠王X优菈

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Thanks my dear
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Wow that was amazing you took alot
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Need to post more man its been too long more facefucking
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Why would a guy with a dick like that do porn