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#350449 - Sammie The Shifter My Name’s Sammie, I was just a regular 13 year old girl When I discovered my Ability to Change form, I’m 19 now, and While I don’t understand my power, I have complete control of it, I can shift into animals and assume the form of other people, I loved it, I Lead a relatively carefree life, I was Studying Criminology At University, I planned on going into the private detective business I woke up to the song paranoid by black Sabbath playing from my cd alarm clock, the sun shone brightly through the window of my student accommodation flat, I pulled on a loose fitting shirt over my naked body, bra’s and underwear would be shredded by shifting, I didn’t know how it worked but loose clothing could survive a shift without damage, usually, depending on what I shifted into. As I stepped around the corner of the building I shifted into a Small Bunny Rabbit and hopped my way back to my flat, as I hopped along I spotted another bunny rabbit hopping around the small

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