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#220496 - Although the Goa'uld can never regain the power and status we once had I do take comfort in knowing that everyone thinks the System Lords have fallen and that no Goa'uld is posing as a god so I'm in no danger of ever being hunted by the Tau'ri, free Jaffa and the Tok'ra and knowing that I have all eternity to enjoy being worshiped as a god by my Nerothians. Sitting on my throne in the secret room in my temple behind the forcefield I watch as one of the Unas pulls his huge cock out of the Womans mouth, Unas sperm gushing out of her mouth as another Unas rapes her pussy from behind she says Please my lord kill me . My guards are all wearing Jaffa armour, 5 of them wearing serpant helmuts and the other 5 wearing hawk helmuts, Pressing the button on the back of my ribbon device which activates my personal forcefield I order all 10 guards to fire their staff and zat weapons at me.

Read Milfporn Otona-you no Omocha Sanninme... Risa Thylinh Otona-you no Omocha Sanninme... Risa

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