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#249575 - He got off the phone and apologized said a work emergency he had to leave said we could stay while he took care of it or if we wanted to leave he understood, then he said if you stay I will make it worth both your while I promise said order room service do what you want he would be back as soon as he can. I go to the bar see that Joe had two friends with him ,he sees me and I think he thought we were leaving and wanted to say goodbye so he excuses himself from the table and comes to me and says you’re not leaving are you before I could answer he repeats I told you I will make it worth both your time , now I am intrigued I say what do you mean so he lays out his idea ,He says look I know its short notice but I think you will like it and continues I did not know that the company was sending anyone with me if I did I would not have contacted you in the first place but we are past that ,I want to offer you a deal I will pay you $1000. Toni had about 10 days to prepare she was out sho

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