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#207849 - after like ten minutes they stopped and he got up and this time john pulled her up and started hugging her and rubbing her ass after that he started hitting her ass hard and my mom was likeee ah aaaaah still and then he sat down on the chair and my mom went and sat on him and again she put his cock in her vagina and started moving up and down again and they were like that for like 20 minutes and after that my he stood up and asked my mom to kneel down and he started spraying his cum all over her face man it was a lot of cum her hair and face was like full of cum and after that john put his clothes and went out and my mom put her clothes on and we weny out on the way back she said i enjoyed it and tommorow ive got a suprise for you [b]. He opened the bottel and poured the oil all over her her front and her back and he started rubbing it all over her body john then asked her to suck his dick and my mom was there sucking it and john then went and slept on the floor and my mom went on

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