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#145585 - Fine she said in defeated reply I suppose the company will be good she finished happily as a look of puzzlement and confusion descended on me You are usually more resistant to something like this I said in reply Yeah when I want to take Naga for a walk not when I'm going to be traveling to an unknown city half the world away! she replied nonchalantly as she laughed Yeah I suppose there is a difference In the two situations i replies and laughed as we broke away and Korra returned to Naga as I told her Wait for me here I'm going to go get some food for our journey ok? I said as she nodded and smiled replying in a confident tone Sure.   I did leave for a short while and journeyed the world for personal matters under the role as High General of United Republic Forces, as being around for nearly 500 years tends to take a toll on a persons body even if your natural body is the body of a 17 year old.

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