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#322221 - As I finish I head back upstairs, my dad calls from downstairs telling my to have a shower, I agree and forward in smiling and re-counting the events that happened, Im gotta do it again, I need him inside me, as I walk in the shower and lather myself in soap, mmmm, my manhood twitching again. I pumped my boy cock furiously nearing my climax, as I panted and moaning to a mean orgasm, my boy cock juices erupted from my tip onto my killer bodyi layer in complete relief as I relax and awe back to earth. Bouncing for its needed relief, I needed to help him to finish my boy cock also bouncing and my boy balls close to me alwell I needed him in me As I climb on daddy's bed and went to move to his man hood I immediately drove 2 finger in my boy ass I moaned loud and thruster back, I removed my fingers and saddled daddy gripping his manhhod and summing it right at my boy hole, I sat down slowly feeling his monster manhood against my add, his juices lining a way for his monster manhood

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