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#337053 - Seeing this Victoria pulled her sisters body over on top of her and began to lick and suck Alexa’s finger as she removed the from her tiny pink opening. Stunned at first because it appear that Alexa was going to grab her pussy Victoria let out a throaty groan and moaned “Oh yes!” But when she didn’t touch her Victoria was a little disappointed as she leaned her seat back as far as it could go and said “Fine!” Alexa was in awe of the sight before her as her sister unbuttoned her pants and slipped them and her thong down to her ankles. “Oh my God, do you mean to tell me you think you’re a lesbian?” “Well not exactly, I like boys too, it just that there is a girl I have strong feelings for… and… you don’t think its gross do you?” “No, it’s not gross, and, well to tell the truth I’m Bi myself, though only a select few know that about me.

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