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#410131 - I had been surprised at first, both that Lyndsey would go down on her slave, seeing as she had semen in her vagina, and that Leigh enjoyed letting Lyndsey treat her so badly, obeying Mistress’ commands, but it was quite clear that she did enjoy it. I was reminded about the two weeks I spent slipping Sadie my length while Lyndsey was in hospital, so I agreed to let her, “shag the blonde girl senseless in our bed tonight, sweetheart. He wasn’t well endowed, and she described him as a, ‘two pumps and a squirt merchant anyway’.

Read Concha Fatalpulse(朝凪)ふとももで男を悩殺する女の子 - Original Oil Fatalpulseふとももで男を悩殺する女の子

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Butters stotch
Oh well
Mei narumiya
Damals war noch richtig geilheit zu erkennen