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#226206 - She dreams that she's back in her apartment holding her baby in her arms feeling totally a peace, her dream is interupted by what sounds like metal hitting metal. Ayame can't see a thing but can hear some sounds, when the smoke clears she sees the two Orcs laying on the ground dead, each Orc has a kunai { throwing knife } in their heads and standing over their bodies is a male Taimanin. The third Orc says You know were very mad at you, there were four of us Orcs but because of you were down to three but after we gangrape the shit out of you and you squeeze out a few Orc babies well call it even .

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Haruka nanami
Who is the guy with the all chest tattooed
Kazuya krau-xeku
This was indeed a pleasing nut thank you
Hatsuho kazami
Mmmmm omg can i visit