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#284996 - THE END. EPILOGUE Mickey had waited in his room facing the back garden with a camcorder in his hand filming his 3 voluptuous daughters Susan (17), Germaine (16) and Joanne (16), Germaine and Joanne were twins and all of them were Busty firm and tanned as they sunbathed topless in the garden lying on their stomachs with their asses sweating in the sun, oblivious to Terry and Willy Murphy walking up to them with ropes sticking out of their back pockets, The Murphy Bros’ licked their lips they were going to enjoy their new line of work. While Rebecca was upstairs cleaning the Murphy bros’ cum off out of her ass I decided to head down to the pub for a few hours, I walked in and found all my drinking buddies huddled around in a circle, “ Hey Damian” said Tom the barman “ you’ve got to see this!” he said and the crowd parted for me, in the middle of the circle was old man Murphy, Terry and Willy’s grandfather, He held up a phone, “ My grandso

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