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#83766 - He figured it must be a ruse after all there had never been a confirmed aliening encounter, ever! He began to think that there were a number of neurotoxins that might have the effects that he was experiencing. At dusk, then again at two am and then once again just before dawn. We will freeze it and use it sparingly.


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Uki higashidani
I miss her so much but she s moved on and it sucks i just want to talk to her but she s off with someone better and i don t want to interfere with that it s just i miss her and want to talk to her even after what happened and if she texted me or something i d be so happy but i m just sad and lonely and upset and angry at myself and the world and idk i know better then that and shouldn t have opened up to her and i thought it was something that might ve worked like damn
I like it