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#178929 - It was New Years Eve ( Hogmanay we call it in Scotland) it was a family tradition on my fathers side that the whole family got together on Hogmanay to bring in the bell’s as one, it was something that my Grand Mother had always insisted upon as my Father his 4 brothers and two Sisters grew up, None of them who lived in her house would be allowed to leave the house until after 30 minutes into the New Year, and as they got older and married and got houses of their own, she insisted that they still had to come to her house before 12 so they could all be together to sing Auld Lang Syne, and wish each other all the best for the coming year. It is not possible for every member of the family to be together for the New Year these days , some have moved to Australia, some England and some just don’t get on with each other so avoid each others company, Two years ago My dad 2 of his brothers and my aunt and their families and Grand Dad, all got together to bring in the bells, but rather than

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