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#119377 - I stepped out of the car and into the kitchen, aware that the kitchen was bigger than my whole flat; she offered me a coffee and said she needed to ask me a favour. That left only Laura with any clothes on, she slowly and slightly reluctantly moved forward, the girls all started to whisper between themselves, she looked back at them and they smiled kindly and motioned for her to go for it, she smiled back and looked at me and then moved forward again, she leant forward and took my hands and placed them on her shoulders, closed her eyes and waited, the rest of the girls over her shoulder motioned that I should help her, I moved my hands across her shoulders and up her neck, feeling the warmth and softness of her skin, I moved my hands down to the small buds of her breasts hidden by the small lacy bra and as I slid my hands under the soft lacy fabric, she flushed and I could feel her tremble slightly, I lifted the bra cups clear of her breasts and as I did so I leant forward a kissed t

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