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#159426 - Now she was standing in the middle of a dingy dirty room, with an obviously unstable young man who had just robbed and kidnapped her, and to top it all off, she was pretty sure that he was going to rape her or worse, and for some strange reason she didn't feel terrified at all anymore!!! Lemont walked around her, giving her the once over as if she were a prime head of cattle and said, Not bad for and old white bitch, what you got hidden under that sweater cunt? It sounded like a rhetorical question, so Paula just stood there and said nothing. When she was ready to go, he offered her the two hundred fifty dollars he had taken from her that morning but she just laughed and said, Keep it Lemont, that last fuck alone was worth two hundred and fifty bucks!!! THE END. Lemont gave her words of encouragement, and he continued to stand there, content to let the white cocksucker take care of him.

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