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#134232 - He then sent me a text and it said you know your going to suck my dick tonight right? I texted him back and said make me and he yanked my pony tail but it ended with that! Later once I got home he texted me and said bitch I told you that you were going to suck my dick tonight where the fuck did you go? We sexted all week and then he finally snuck into my parents house to help me out one night. Okay this is my first story so tell me what you think! This is a true story about what happened to me when I started babysitting for this couple in my hometown! He texted me and we got to know each other as friends.

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Garma zabi
Oh yes she can fuck
Twilight sparkle
He s so fine but that girl is fucking annoying
Tamaki yotsuba
Absolutely mental m8