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#209841 - This time, Edward made his way to his locker to put his things in before walking off to the cafeteria, bumping into Arturo, who once again was walking with Esmeralda “Hey Arturo, hey Esmeralda” “Wassup Edward” “Nothing much Arturo, just showing a bit of myself around” Edward answered while opening his locker, but Esmeralda instead of answering just walked past Arturo, gave Edward a piece of paper with her phone number and ‘4PM at the football field’ written on it without Arturo noticing. ” Oh, things get real in here! Why would Naomi set someone up that she had just met? Also, sorry for taking so long to upload another chapter. Took some mad luck for her to spot you entering though, right Edward?” Edward nodded lightly right before something in his brain clicked “It wasn’t luck.

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