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#55019 - We were sitting on the couch, as she was telling me the story I had my left hand on her pusse and my finger inside her in and out I kept this up until she came ohhhhhhh daaaaaad this feels so good, I love the way you make feel when you put finger inside me. I gave the girls two nice big glasses of sweet white wine, the conversation was going well Bev couldn’t keep her eyes of Kim`s couch area I had to come up whit a plan soon I said we have run out of gin I will have to go to the store for some more, you can’t drive dad you will have to call a taxi I went to the kitchen to ring for a cab Kim came out we made a plan as it was too late for the store, I could go over to my cinema as I have some gin for next week’s opening, and Kim would ask if I needed a hand to bring the drink back as I might drop it as I was a little drunk, (Kim`s mum rang before they came over, but as Kim had to wait for mum to ring maybe Helen could come whit me instead, Kim went back in first them I came in, the sto

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Tsubasa kashiwagi
Love the shot to her eye
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