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#85059 - Lets leave him and make Carol comfy in her room I said to Jean and close her door, we don’t want the dog taking liberties with her, do we?” I grinned at Jean, as I told David “I don’t know if you enjoyed that little session David, but I will leave Damion to keep you company. Suzy scrunched over onto her side so she was facing my way, took me into her arms and cuddled me tight and fell asleep. I got the length of piping and fixed it to the warm tap, then put the other end in the hole in his ass and turned on the tap, he jumped a bit as the water shot into him, and he even started to get hard.

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Older sister spider demon
Ay bruh you gotta do what you gotta do
Iroha isshiki
If they re small enough they ll definitely gag on it if you put it up their ass